Thursday - Sunday, May 7-10

We have special consensus:

The 11th ANNUAL

image of bluegrass band Special Consensus

Photo of Special Consensus from their website

And we really mean it!
The Central Coast Bluegrass Music Society (BMSCC) proudly presents, in the picturesque Monterey County hamlet of Parkfield, the best little bluegrass festival anywhere.

And, you guessed it; our headliner band is The Special Consensus.

The Parkfield festival will feature a wealth of ear candy in addition to The Special Consensus. BMSCC has also signed:
John Reischman & the Jaybirds
Sawmill Road
The Kathy Kallick Band
Chris Stuart & Backcountry
The Brombies
Whiskey Chimp
Bean Creek
Dalton Mountain Gang
LeRoy Mack & The Bluegrass Gospel Band
Kitchen Help
Wild River Ramblers
and the
Porchdogs -

to rock the Parkfield stage. Whew!

Music Camp

For young and old, if you like instrumental workshops, Parkfield's the place to be. We'll repeat the popular 5-hour music camp for kids, with banjo-man Gerry Higbie at the helm and Eric Uglum and Sons on backup. Ger and his behind-the-scenes sidekick, Tommy Marton, have already prepared most of the Kids' Camp materials. These include musical selections "Buffalo Gals" and "You are My Sunshine."

Family-Friendly Activities

Check out the website (see below) and associated links for detailed information and more family-friendly activities. Did we mention: kids' camp is absolutely free, as is festival admission for everyone under age 20!? So bring `em along with you to Parkfield.

Skill Workshops

For those who want to sharpen their pick'n skills, Parkfield will offer several workshops daily, run by some of the finest
instrumentalists in the west. Don't miss out. Bring your instrument and jam into the wee hours.

Parkfield Amenities

For those who haven't been to Parkfield yet, wait `til you see the view and ah, the unique comforts of Parkfield. Rolling hills, lofty oaks and open pasture for as far as tired city eyes can see. Acres (and we do mean acres) of FLAT, grassy, tree-shaded campsites for your pup tent or your Class A -- electrical hook-ups can be reserved if you get your tickets early. Shower stalls with sunlight discretely peeking in and a horseshoe to hold your towel. Cows that don't care if you jam all night.

And finally....

an innovation we stole shamelessly from our friends at "Goofy" and Blythe: a shade cloth to screen the overhead sun and intercept unwelcome bird offerings. We're working hard on that and hope to have it ready for you at Parkfield 2009.

But Wait, There’s More!

Add in tantalizing raffles, endless jams, appreciation gifts for mom on Mother's Day and colorful vendors, all making this a bluegrass festival you won't want to miss. For advance tickets and other details, please check out the Parkfield website at:

If you do not have internet access, please leave a message at (805) 725-3060.

We'll see you at Parkfield.

The Hoot Road Show is, once again, a proud sponsor of this fine event!